Sunday, 29 April 2012

Cards & Gift Tags

I have been making some cards and gift tags...

Gift Tags...

Greetings Cards...

Got the P and the Q stamp mixed up... Ooops!


  1. Ohhhhh such wonderful gift tags and lovely greetings cards, they are amazing, I love the flower gift tags in paticular! These are so very beautiful, you are very creative, these would fit in well in a shop in my village, they do all country style gifts just like the things on your blog, how very Kath Kitson of you! Love from Jemma (Franks Mum) XxX

  2. thank you :-) I was a bit keen putting some of these photo's on as ive just noticed the glues still wet! Ooops!
    i'd love my own shop to sell my things and other things I like.... Dream on! hehe!
    one day i will do it, i hope!
    thnk you again! very kind! Love Kerry xxx

  3. They are really lovely Kerry, dream the dream, you deserve itxx